Board of Directors- Advisory Council Positions

The Saskatchewan 4-H Council's Board of Directors is made up of three registered leaders from each region, two current registered members, one Ministry of Agriculture representativem the executive directos and the immediate past president. 

The Board of Directors meets in person four times a year and has conference calls throughout the year. Read the BOD job description HERE. 

The Advisory Council is made up of four registered 4-H members, one from each region, the two 18-year-old delegates to the board, one board advisor and two staff advosrs. They meet in person twice and have conference calls throughout the year. Read the AC job description HERE. 

Nomination consent form for both BOD and AC: 

Youth Advisory Committee

Comprised of 12 members from across the country. They bring a vital youth perspective to national programs, activities and events. This is done through active participation in working groups where they provide advice, recommendations and a youth voice. We are looking for a Saskatchewan representative!

Application form:  

Member and Leader Ambassador Program 

Ambassadors are members and leaders who exemplify the markings of a 4-H trailblazer.  These candidates showcase the true spirit of 4-H Saskatchewan through their willingness to volunteer and share their knowledge of the 4-H program.  Ambassadors will focus on strengthening 4-H Saskatchewan through public relations by recruiting new members, representing 4-H Saskatchewan at local events, and sharing their 4-H story. 

Ambassadors are elected once a year at the Regional Meeting at AGM for a one year term running beginning with an “Ambassador Training Day.” Members (13 years and older as of the regional meeting date) and screened leaders who have been involved in the 4-H program for a minimum of three years are eligible to apply.  Three leader and three member ambassadors will be elected from each region. 

Learn more about the program HERE.

Application form:  

High School Special Credit

Hall of Fame

  • Hall Of Fame Nomination Form - is being revised. Check back in September 2018, or contact the 4-H Office.