Club Week Raises More Than 2,000 Pounds Of Food

Club Week was a new initiative for 4-H Saskatchewan this year, with the organization holding a week of celebration and community involvement.

Club Week was held from October 30 to November 5 across the entire province. 4-H clubs were encouraged to show their 4-H spirit, putting up displays in their community, dress up in their 4-H colours for Show Your 4-H Colours Day on November 1 and participate in the Sustainability Initiative to join together to make a difference in our clubs and communities.

The 2017 Sustainability Initiative was to promote food security and agriculture. The provincial 4-H office asked 4-H clubs across the province to join together to give back to their local food banks. The clubs were encouraged to hold a food drive, set up a food donation area in their community or host an event where food donations would be accepted.

Although Club Week was the beginning of November, the challenge to give to the food bank was extended to Christmastime, so 4-H clubs could be giving back throughout the holiday season.
Altogether, 4-H Saskatchewan clubs, staff and board of directors raised 2,042 pounds of food for food banks across the province.

We will be sharing some of the photos from 4-H clubs on the blog in the coming weeks! Thank you to everyone for participating! 

Stay tuned for information about the 2018 Sustainability Intitiative! Club Week will be held November 5-11, 2018 and we are already planning a new intiative for clubs to get involved in. 

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