4-H Saskatchewan Office

The provincial office is made up of a dynamic team ready to serve our new and existing members, leaders and clubs throughout the province. We offer resources, presentations, promotional materials, advice and opportunities in many shapes and forms. The provincial office staff are happy to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact 4-H Saskatchewan

The 4-H Saskatchewan Provincial Office is located at 3830 Thatcher Avenue in Saskatoon, SK.

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Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed Weekends and Holidays
  • If you are planning to come in between 12-1:00 p.m., please call ahead to make arrangements.


Provincial Office Staff

Note: for the email addresses below, please substitute the @ sign for the text AT

Executive Director                       Lee Walerius

Phone: 306-933-7729
Email: leeAT4-h.sk.ca

Marketing & Communications Coordinator Cera Youngson 

Phone: 306-933-6961
Email: ceraAT4-h.sk.ca

Administrative Assistant         Crystal Clouthier

Phone: 306-933-7727
Email: crystalAT4-h.sk.ca                         

Accounting                                      Queenie Tao

Phone: 306-933-7731
Email: queenieAT4-h.sk.ca


Regional 4-H Specialists

4-H Saskatchewan is divided into four regions.  Each region has a Regional 4-H Specialist available to support the members, leaders and clubs in that region.  Contact your Regional 4-H Specialist with questions, or if you are looking for advice.  They are available to assist with club start-up and leader training. And for those clubs already established, presentations are available on parliamentary procedure, public speaking, record books and judging.  

Not sure which region you belong to? Check the map below.

North West Regional Specialist

Kelsey Dust
Office Phone: 306-933-6723
Fax: 306-933-7730
Cell Phone: 306-280-3755
Email: kelseyAT4-h.sk.ca

North East Regional Specialist

Anna-Maria Boechler
Office Phone: 306-964-1544
Fax: 306-933-7730
Cell Phone: 306-220-6315
Email: anna-mariaAT4-h.sk.ca

South West Regional Specialist

Karrie Watson
Office Phone: 306-964-1545
Fax: 306-933-7730
Cell Phone: 306-229-2064
Email: karrieAT4-h.sk.ca

South East Regional Specialist

Melodi Hawkesford-Lee
Office Phone: 306-787-1958
Fax: 306-798-2057
Cell Phone: 306-529-5446
Email: melodiAT4-h.sk.ca

South East 4-H Office is located at:

515 Henderson Drive, Regina, SK. S4N 5X1