4-H is one of Canada's largest youth organizations. Our concept of Learn To Do by Doing has expanded from our rural roots to include more than 50 project options available today. 4-H Saskatchewan provides members and leaders with learning experiences tailored to the needs and interests of each individual. All members develop leadership skills primarily through the completion of projects. The program is based on engaging youth using the components of the four H's:

  • Head: Focus on thinking, decision making, understanding and gaining knowledge. Members are required to analyze facts, discuss alternatives and make decisions.
  • Heart: Show concern and compassion for the welfare of others and accept the responsibilities of citizenship and developing attitudes and values. 4-H promotes loyalty to friends, ideas and a program that has stood the test of time.
  • Hands: Learn new skills and develop pride and respect for work completed. 4-H often provides members with their first real experience using their own initiative to complete projects and to work with the club and community.
  • Health: Develop and practice healthy living physically, mentally and socially. As personal and group goals are set and met, confidence grows, and new situations are met with ease.

The 4-H program strives to encourage individual growth in young people by developing self-confidence, the ability to make wise decisions and a responsible attitude toward community service. Through it all, they also have a lot of fun.



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