Provincial Office Staff 

The provincial office is made up of a dynamic team ready to serve our new and existing members, leaders and clubs throughout the province. 

Cera Youngson 

Executive Director
Hometown: Grandora, Saskatchewan
Best Part About Working for 4-H: Collaborating with a passionate and hard-working group of individuals on the staff and board team, developing new programs, and having the opportunity to see young 4-H’ers learn and do.
History with 4-H: Member of the Grandora Light Horse 4-H Club for 11 years. Highlights of her time as a member include being delegated to represent Saskatchewan at the National 4-H Member's Conference in Toronto and as part of Team Saskatchewan Hippology at the 10th Anniversary Alberta 4-H Horse Classic. Including her time as a 4-H staff member, Cera been involved in 4-H for more than half of her life!
Craziest Job(s): Two summers extracting honey at a bee farm and teaching English in China and France.
Favourite Quote: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh




Karrie Watson 

Executive Administrator- Member and Leader Services
Hometown: Born and raised in Perdue, Saskatchewan and reside there still with my husband.
Best Part About Working For 4-H: I believe whole heartedly in what 4-H can do for not only kids, but adults as well. 4-H brings families and communities together and holds on to a value system that many don’t have the opportunity to experience today.
History with 4-H: I was a 4-H member for 10 years with the Catherwood Multiple 4-H Club and participated in everything offered. 
Pets/Kids: We have 4 children, ages 7, 11, 14 and 19 as well as our dog; Duchess and cats; Diva and Bodie.

Shirley Wensley

Administrative Assistant
Hometown: Originally from a farm near Wilkie, Saskatchewan. Currently resides in Martensville, Saskatchewan.
Best Part About Working For 4-H: I've met so many awsome people working at 4-H.  I enjoy working with an organization for youth that is focused on youth leadership.  
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: My two favorite movies are Pretty Woman and Love Actually.  I also love any Disney movie.  
Pets/Kids: One pretty awesome kid, Brock. I also have a springer spaniel named Sawyer.

Sandi Sirois 

Accounting Officer
Hometown: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Best part about working for 4-H: Knowing that you're contributing to a very positive organization for young people and therefore helping form our future generations.
Kids/Pets: Three children; two boys and a girl ranging in age from 13 to 20. Also have two cats that allow us to share the house with them.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie: Jaws, first saw it at the age of 11 and it instilled in me a lifelong fear of sharks.




Jodi Schellenberg 

Program and Communications Specialist
Hometown: Originally from the Nipawin area – I grew up on a farm close to the Wapiti Valley Ski Hill. I currently live in Saskatoon.
Best Part About Working For 4-H: I enjoy working for 4-H because I still have the opportunity to talk to people and learn their stories, but I also am able to help shape the leaders of tomorrow.
History with 4-H: Growing up, I was a part of the Nipawin Multiple 4-H Club and later switched to the Riverview Riders when it was created, where I continued as a member until I graduated from high school. Most people in the horse industry will recognize my last name and I am frequently asked, “Are you related to (insert name here) Schellenberg?” The chances are, if they are from the Gronlid/Ridgedale area, the answer will be yes. 
Craziest Job(s): Before becoming your North East Specialist, I was a reporter. The hours were crazy, the people I met were interesting and I loved digging into the truth and learning people’s stories. I still love writing and talking to people, but felt it was time for a change in careers, which brought me to 4-H in March 2015.
Pet(s): Siamese cat named Bucky, who thinks he is a dog. I’m completely serious. One time my brother’s girlfriend asked where her hair elastic was and next thing you know there was Bucky, dropping the elastic in front of her.


Regional 4-H Specialists


Melodi Hawkesford-Lee

South East Regional 4-H Specialist

Hometown: Fillmore SK
History with 4-H: I was a 4-H member in the Fillmore 4-H Homecraft Club for 9 years, back when you had to be 9 years old to join. I took many projects including Crafts, Sewing, Car Care, Babysitting, Foods, Taking Care of Yourself and my personal favourite, Exploring 4-H!  I have been a Regional 4-H Specialist since 2001 and have enjoyed the many exciting challenges and changes 4-H has undergone over the years.
Best Part of Working for 4-H: The People, hands down!  Never will you meet a more passionate, hard working, honest, down-to-earth and humourous bunch of people than in 4-H.  I also think Learn to do by Doing is the best motto ever - I live it every day (especially now that I have kids!)
Interesting Experiences: I love to travel, with some of my highlights being the United Kingdom, France, Cuba, Ukraine, USA and good old Canada!  Definitely one of craziest experiences was driving in a rental car from Boston Massachusetts to August Maine all by myself when I was 18.  I got so turned around, I drove in the complete wrong direction to the complete wrong state!!

Kalynne Martin

North West Regional 4-H Specialist

Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Shelby Longworth

North East Regional 4-H Specialist
Hometown: Harris, SK 
History with 4-H: I was a Beef Member for eleven years, starting off in the Catherwood Multiple 4-H Club and later the Eagle Creek 4-H Beef Club.  I was a part of both the heifer and steer projects, and I can still remember the names of all my 4-H steers! 
Best part about working for 4-H: I love meeting new people, and I love working for the organization that helped me learn so much when I was a youth.   I believe that 4-H teaches youth about confidence, communication, and community, and these are all very important values in my life.  
Craziest Job(s):  For one of my summer jobs, I worked as a tour guide for the “Chicago Connection” tour at the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. I loved dressing up in costume every day and working with some very energetic and fun people!

Kaitlyn Keller

South West Regional 4-H Specialist 

Kaitlyn has been the South West Regional 4-H Specialist for two years and loves being able to come out to club and district events, where she gets to see the members shine!

4-H had a huge influence on Kaitlyn as a youth and she is an avid supporter of the 4-H program. She has a passion to help youth and adults seek their passion in life, encouraging them to do what they love as a career. Kaitlyn and her siblings are the fifth generation of The Cliffs Farm, the oldest Polled Hereford breeders in Canada. She is a 4-H alumni with the Saskatoon 4-H Beef Club, where she was a member for 13 years.

When she is not traveling around south west Saskatchewan with 4-H business, she can be found spending time with her husband, basset hound and cattle. She loves to travel, having the opportunity to visit many countries around the world and has been to every Canada province (excluding the territories).  



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